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NEW position: Postdoctoral research associate in Malaria ubiquitin signalling
We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated Postdoctoral researcher to lead an MRC funded project investigating the role of dynamic ubiquitination in malaria transmission biology. The project is based in the group of Dr. Nisha Philip based in the Institute of Immunology and infection Research.
The core aim of the Philip group is to understand how signalling networks regulate host-vector lifecycle transitions in the malaria parasite. We recently discovered the parasite ubiquitin machinery is essential for specific developmental processes including cytoskeletal rearrangements, chromatin organisation and genome replication in gametocytes which are cells specialised for parasite transmission. Although ubiquitination is an area of intense research in human disease, targeting this promising pathway for parasite control is currently underexplored. By characterising the ubiquitin regulated protein networks underpinning gametocyte development and activity we can uncover the Achilles heel of the parasite when it is poised to leave the human host.
Apply before January 31 2024
Full time, fixed term (36 months)
UE07: £37 099 - £44 263
Full details and application: here

If you are interested in joining us, contact Nisha Philip. I am happy to discuss applications from strong candidates for personal fellowships including:

EMBO Fellowships
BBSRC Discovery Fellowship 
Marie Curie Fellowships
Newton International Fellowships
Human Frontier in Science Program
Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowships

If you wish to apply for a PhD out with the opportunities listed above, please send me an email including your CV and research interests.